Tips for Buying Replacement Doors From a Miami Interior Doors Installer

Tips for Buying Replacement Doors From a Miami Interior Doors Installer

Tips for Buying Replacement Doors From a Miami Interior Doors Installer

While many people might not give a lot of thought to the types of doors they have inside their home; it’s very important to consider this detail if you are a homeowner.

Did you move into your current home without really noticing the inside doors? Have you just decided to live with the doors you have?

Maybe you’ve even focussed on redecorating and renovating elsewhere. Maybe you’ve removed an old finish from the ceiling, and maybe you’ve repainted the walls. Maybe you replaced your flooring.

But the interior doors? You might not have given them much thought at all.

That can be a mistake because once you get in touch with a Miami interior doors installer, the entire look and feel of your home can change. Doors transform the layout of your rooms, they change the way light flows through the home, and they greatly contribute to the feeling of quality around your property.

So, if your interior doors aren’t exactly what you’d like them to be, then get in touch with your Miami interior doors installer and get to work replacing them. Here are some key points to consider when you do.

Door Trends in 2018

Miami Interior Doors Installer - Tips for Buying Replacement Doors

Miami Interior Doors Installer – Tips for Buying Replacement Doors

There are several trends when it comes to Miami interior doors for the coming year, and it pays to familiarise yourself with these. For instance, textured doors are currently very in fashion. These use surface treatments such as nail heads and chalk paint in order to lend more texture and detail to the surfaces.

Wider openings are also currently popular. That means wider spaces between the gaps in order to let you keep the space open or closed when you like: to transform your home from an open plan, to lots of smaller, more private spaces. You’ll need double doors or sliding doors to accommodate this design. This is just an example of how interior doors in Miami can transform the way you’re currently using your home.

In terms of colors, earthy colors are trending right now. These include dark greys, to neutral browns and black doors. Keeping a door plain to expose the color of the wood is something that is never out of style.

Types of Door

It’s also useful to know the types of doors that your Miami interior doors installer might have available.

Passage doors, for instance, are your typical hinged doors. These have at least two left hinges, allowing them to swing out. Think about the arc of space outside the door and which way you want it to open.

Bypass or sliding doors meanwhile slide from left to right and are common in closets and bathrooms. They take up less space in front and behind, but of course, you need space to the side.

Pocket doors are making a comeback. These are doors that slide in and out within a wall and are great for maximizing your use of space. Of course though, they aren’t suitable for structural walls. French doors use hinges on either side and open in the middle. Bi-fold doors are common in pantries and will collapse when opened. Speak with your Miami interior doors installer for more ideas and tips!

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