Primed Interior Doors

Primed Interior Doors - Miami Interior Doors - Miami Doors & Closets

Primed Interior Doors - Miami Interior Doors - Miami Doors & ClosetsFinish off your Miami home remodel with primed interior doors. These doors come primed and ready to paint, there’s no need for trimming or sanding. All you need to do is paint, add your fixtures and install the door.

The Benefits of Installing Primed Interior Doors in Your Home

Using primed interior doors in Miami homes allows you to save costs on your remodeling, avoiding the additional labor charges on finishing your doors. Primed interior doors come in a range of styles, including unglazed, glazed, cottage or panel – to suit any room in the home.

Primed Doors Vs. Unfinished Doors

The main difference between these two types of doors is the fact that unfinished doors require you to cut out the hinge cavities, sand the door, and trim it to size. Using primed doors allows you to install the door faster, reducing your costs on labor and the time it takes to remodel your home.  It’s a significant cost to paint interior doors, and using primed doors saves you money on paint as well, as you’ll need fewer coats to finish.

Rooms in Your Home that Suit Primed Doors

Primed doors are available in a variety of styles and finishes that include different trims, such as routing or panels. This feature allows you to match them to the décor and architecture in your home. Primed doors suit entrances to bedrooms, bathrooms, and water closets – and you can match the doors to create a pleasing visual effect in your hallway.

Hollow or Solid Primed Doors – Making the Right Choice

Primed Interior Doors - Miami Interior Door - Miami Doors & Closets

Primed Interior Doors – Miami Interior Door – Miami Doors & Closets

Hollow doors are lighter and less robust than a solid door. They come with corrugated cardboard in the center, encased by two to three-millimeter panels of wood, in various grades from meranti to veneer.

Solid doors are more expensive, taking a toll on your remodeling budget. However, they offer better protection from intruders, as kicking in a solid door is next to impossible, unless you have a battering ram. We suggest using solid doors for entrances to your home and your master bedroom, while hollow doors suit the bathroom and guest bedrooms.

Fitting your Primed Interior Doors

When completing your home remodel, you may want to hire a contractor to get the job done right. If you have no experience in carpentry, a contractor can save you time and money on the job – and offer guarantees on their work.

Can you imagine the frustration of preparing your door, only to find that you missed the hinge placement, or planned too much material off the bottom of the door? Installing Miami interior doors is best left to qualified, experienced professionals.

When painting your interior doors, make sure you have the necessary respiratory protection, and always paint in a well-ventilated area. It’s best to paint outside on the grass to prevent messing the paint on the patio floor.

Wrapping Up – Primed Interior Doors Are Your Top Choice

Save time and money on your remodel with primed interior doors. We recommend searching online for the best pricing and installation contractors. As a final thought – Always ensure that you hire a licensed and bonded contractor that has plenty of customer testimonials.

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