Pre-Finished Vs Unfinished Interior Doors

Pre-Finished Vs Unfinished Interior Doors - Interior Doors in Miami

Pre-Finished Vs Unfinished Interior Doors - Interior Doors in MiamiShopping for new doors for your home or office can be a challenge without the right help. Apart from selecting the ideal materials, there’s a wide range of fixtures and finishing options to consider as well. Have you learned about the difference between pre-finished and unfinished doors?

Both unfinished and pre-finished doors have their pros and cons, so what would suit your application? Here’s everything you need to know about the differences between the two types and the best product to suit your home or office.

The Difference Between Unfinished and Pre-Finished Doors

Pre-finished Miami interior doors come ready for fitment, without any additional work needed to prepare them for installation. The only extra work needed for these doors involves painting, staining, or weather-treatment.

The doors feature pre-cut holes for door knobs or levers, as well as key-holes for locksets. The doors have pre-cut recesses for the hinges as well.

Unfinished doors feature no finished features as mentioned above. You would need to do all the work yourself to cut out holes for fixtures and locks, as well as the hinges.

Price Difference and Value

Pre-Finished Vs Unfinished Interior Doors - Interior Doors in Miami FL

Pre-Finished Vs Unfinished Interior Doors – Interior Doors in Miami FL

It makes sense that an unfinished door is substantially cheaper than a finished product. The final deciding factors on settling for a pre-finished or unfinished product are your budget and your handyman capabilities. If you don’t have the skill to work with your hands, then a pre-finished door is your ideal solution. You fit the fixtures and hang the door, job done.

However, if your capable of carpentry work and have the time and experience, an unfinished door is a nice project to work on during the weekends. Interior doors in Miami may require treating if exposed to ocean air in a beach house. An unfinished product allows you to customize the final stages, such as treatment or painting, before fitment.

If you’re planning on hiring someone to do the fitment for you, ask them for a quote on finishing, including cutting holes for fixtures and fittings. If you’re replacing all the doors in your home, the average cost of fitting the door with a professional service may be cheaper than buying finished doors.

Quality and Durability

Pre-Finished Vs Unfinished Interior Doors - Interior Doors in Miami Florida

Pre-Finished Vs Unfinished Interior Doors – Interior Doors in Miami Florida

Hardwood solid doors are far more durable and resistant to the elements. Oak or meranti doors look outstanding in their raw state and require little finishing work from their natural state. If you live near the ocean, you may want to consider sealing and staining or coating the door, so it doesn’t warp in the humid environment.

Softwood doors, such as pine, are cheaper than hardwood, but lack the strength and durability, especially in humid environments. Another option for those on a budget is a hollow wood door reinforced with corrugated cardboard or foam between the panels.

All of these material options come in pre-finished or unfinished options. However, unfinished hardwood doors typically take a lot more work to cut the fixture and lock holes, due to the density of the material.

Working with Professionals – Simplicity and Convenience

You’ll need to employ the services of an interior door installer in Miami if you intend on buying unfinished hardwood doors. The fitment stage is as critical as selecting the right products. If you make a mistake and cut the holes on the wrong side of the door, or miss your measurements, the door becomes worthless and needs replacement.

Working with an accredited door installer ensures the job is done right the first time. Some doors require planning and sanding for a perfect fit. Our reputable fitment company has all the tools necessary to install your door the right way.

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