How to Keep Your Interior Doors in Miami Looking Great

How to Keep Your Interior Doors in Miami Looking Great

How to Keep Your Interior Doors in Miami Looking Great

When it comes to maintaining the appearance of your home, often the devil is in the details. Sometimes small factors can have the biggest impression when it comes to the overall appearance and cleanliness of your home.

Consider swapping out your old and dirty light switches for newer ones for instance. This is a very small change in the grand scheme of things, yet it can brighten up the whole room and make your home feel considerably more polished around the edges.

Another example is maintaining your interior doors. Keeping your doors clean and polished is just as important as keeping clothes off the floor – but a lot of the interior doors in Miami we see are in bad shape. This partially comes down to a lack of knowledge as to how to best clean them.

How to Clean Interior Doors in Miami

Cleaning interior doors is not just about removing dust from the surface. That is part of the job of course, but what a lot of people forget is to pay attention to the smaller details such as the hinges and the handles. These are the details we’re talking about that can make a huge difference to the feeling of an entire room.

Make sure you wipe down all areas and that you use the correct products to treat each area.

Likewise, different parts of your interior doors in Miami will require attention more often than others. Hinges need cleaning about twice a year, and in order to be thorough, you will probably want to unscrew the hinges and remove the door. This way you can also clean along the inside of the door and remove any rust. Apply some WD40 or some other lubricant and you can also improve the operation of your interior doors.

How to clean Interior Doors in Miami

How to clean Interior Doors in Miami

Meanwhile, the panels themselves will need to be cleaned much more regularly: about once a week, and you should do this using a duster and some polish. You can also use cotton balls to get inside the more intricate details. Glass doors should use glass cleaners, but make sure that you wipe down with a dry cloth afterward to avoid watermarks and grease.

More Serious Maintenance

If your doors are looking really tired, then you will need to work a little harder to bring them back up to luster. For instance, if the paint looks dull or stained, you may wish to repaint your doors. It’s always a good idea to keep leftover paint from any redecorations, as that way you can touch up damaged areas as needed.

And finally, know when it is time to replace your doors! At Miami Doors & Closets we offer a wide range of beautiful doors and will install them for you. This can make a tremendous difference to your entire property and is an especially savvy move when you’re thinking of selling. To find out more, get in touch with the number one Miami interior door installer today for a free quote!

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