How to Paint Your Interior Doors

How to Paint Your Interior Doors - Miami Interior Doors - Painting Tips

How to Paint Your Interior Doors - Miami Interior Doors - Painting TipsIf you’re wrapping up the remodel of your South Florida home, then selecting the best interior doors in Miami should be your final task on the project.

Interior doors are focal points in the room that draw the attention of guests. Interior doors cost a pretty penny, and if you don’t paint them the right way, you’ll be wasting your hard-earned cash. Homeowners want a sleek, smooth finish on their interior doors that looks professional and aesthetic, providing the room or hallway with an attractive appearance and refined characteristic.

Here are a few tips to help you in painting your interior doors with a professional finish.

Step 1 – Door Preparation

Preparing the surface of your doors is the first step in painting your doors. Preparation requires you to measure the door, trim it to fit the frame snugly, and cut out the lever and lock crevice, as well as the hinges.

After that task is over, you need to sand the door with 180-grit sandpaper, and then finish the sanding with a 220-grit for a smooth surface. After sanding the door, seal and prime the surface with a good quality primer paint before adding your first finishing coat.

Alternatively, skip this step and buy a primed interior door that is ready to paint, without the hassle of preparation.

If you’re reconditioning an old door in your home, make sure you strip all of the old paint, then repeat the steps mentioned above.

It’s best to remove the door and paint it outside, but if you’re painting the door while it’s hanging on the hinges, make sure you mask off the fittings and door frame to prevent splashes. Remember to place two or three layers of newspaper on the floor to catch any drops.

Step 2 – Painting Tips for Your Miami Interior Doors

How to Paint Your Interior Doors - Miami FL Interior Doors - Painting Tips

How to Paint Your Interior Doors – Miami FL Interior Doors – Painting Tips

We recommend that you remove the door from the hinges and set it up outside to prepare and paint. An air spray gun provides the best finish for the door, using the least amount of paint, and providing a smooth finish with next to no run marks or drips.

You can rent a compressor and spray gun from your local paint store for a few extra bucks, and the finish it provides is well worth the money – plus you’ll save on paint.

If you don’t have access to a spray gun, then a roller and brush are your standard option for painting Miami interior doors. If you’re using a roller, then you’ll also need a trim paint brush to cut in the edges and make sure you purchase quality equipment to prevent brush bristles sticking to your door.

Start at the top of the door and work your way down to the bottom to prevent streaks and runs. Make sure you purchase a high-quality paint for the job; it will last longer and provide better protection for the door.

Paint with the grain, in long, vertical strokes and paint the rails before the panels. Makes sure you get a smooth surface by removing excess paint from your roller or brushes before you start. If you’re painting multiple coats, always let the undercoat dry, then roughly sand the surface before you begin the next layer.

Step 3 – Installation

You can attempt to prepare, paint, and hang your doors yourself, or you can get your interior doors installed by a professional. If you decide to use a contractor, make sure they have an excellent reputation in Miami, and they guarantee all of their work.

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