How to Choose the Best Interior Door Material

How to Choose the Best Interior Door Material - Fort Lauderdale Interior Doors

How to Choose the Best Interior Door Material - Fort Lauderdale Interior DoorsWood doors, aluminum frames, frosted or clear glass. These are just a few of the options you have available to you when selecting Fort Lauderdale interior doors for your home or office. The type of setting makes all the difference in your final selection. Here’s everything you need to know about selecting the ideal doors for your premises.

Selecting the Door Material That’s Right for You – Cost and Function

There’s no such thing as a universal door design that suits every home or business environment. Your choice of doors depends on functionality and style that suits your home or office. Cost and quality play a significant role in what doors you choose. It’s important to include the costs of fixtures and fitting into your final pricing.

Types of Doors

When making your decision for the perfect doors, it’s critical that you get up close and personal with the product. Viewing products online is a great way to look at a wide variety of designs and materials from the comfort of your desk. Narrow down your top 5 or 10-choices and visit a showroom for interior doors in Fort Lauderdale.

Unfortunately, the internet won’t be able to give you a first-hand impression of what the door looks like in person. Touching the surface of the door and feeling the weight in your hands, as you open and close the door, allows you to make an informed purchase decision.

Selecting the ideal material for the door is the most complicated part of the process. Here are the typical material-types you can expect to find on your search, and what environments they suit best.

Solid Wood

How to Choose the Best Interior Door Material - Ft Lauderdale Interior Doors

How to Choose the Best Interior Door Material – Ft Lauderdale Interior Doors

These doors are the classic choice for homes. This traditional material comes in a wide variety of designs, wood grains, and colors, to suit almost any home. Solid wood is durable and resistant to Florida’s humid climate. Solid wood is ideal because they’re dense and have a substantial feel to them, providing a long-lasting solution. Hardwood doors are typically more expensive than softwood varieties like those made of pine. Depending on where you live, you may have to have the doors treated to prevent warping and sticking.

Hollow Wood Doors

Solid wood doors may be your first choice until you see the price tag. If you’re shopping on a budget, a hollow wood door might be a more practical option. Hollow doors come with either light-weight foam or corrugated cardboard as a filler between the door panels. These doors are considerably lighter, but they lack the structural strength of solid wood. It’s relatively easy to crack or dent a hollow door if you accidentally bump furniture into it while your moving things around in the room. Some hollow doors are made with cheap materials and have a laminate veneer cover available in different designs and colors. This veneer may delaminate on inferior quality products.

Aluminum and Glass

Fort Lauderdale Interior Doors - How to Choose the Best Interior Door Material

Fort Lauderdale Interior Doors – How to Choose the Best Interior Door Material

Ideal for a professional setting, glass and metal doors provide a clean, sophisticated feel. They are notoriously expensive, but when finally installed in your office, you’ll know where the extra money went. Borderless glass doors look magnificent, but those with a brushed aluminum frame have a smart appearance as well. Glass doors are available with frosted panels to enhance privacy in the office or boardroom.


This recyclable material offers exceptional value for money. Manufacturers make MDF from a combination of recycled wood fibers. These doors don’t have the grainy texture of a solid wooden door, but they’re cost-efficient and suit applications such as bathroom and kitchen doors at the office. MDF is also a popular choice for many homeowners in Florida.

The Final Thought – Choose a Professional Fitment Service

Choosing the ideal interior doors is only one half of the job. Once you’ve settled on your door design, hire a professional interior door installer in Fort Lauderdale. It’s senseless to spend time and effort on selecting the perfect door, only to ruin them during installation. Working with a qualified and reputable door installation service ensures the final step is taken care of the right way.

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