How to Choose and Install a Sliding Barn Door

How to Choose and Install a Sliding Barn Door - Interior Doors Miami

How to Choose and Install a Sliding Barn Door - Interior Doors MiamiInterior barn doors are fantastic space savers for your next home remodel. These doors work on a sliding system, with a rail attached to the wall above the door. This design makes them ideal for installation in breakfast nooks, studies, or any other room in the home where space is an issue.

Here’s everything you need to know about selecting and installing a sliding barn door in your home.

Clearance and Sizing

The clearance is the most crucial part of selecting the right sliding barn door. The door needs to be two inches wider than the opening in the door frame, and one inch taller. If you select a sliding barn door that fits the frame, then you’ll have a tiny gap around the door that lets in drafts and light.

You’ll need to ensure you have a four to nine-inch clearance above the door frame for the rail, depending on the size and style of the door your purchase.

Fixtures and Hardware

Most modern rails and rollers require around 4-inches of clearance. However, older models may have larger rollers, requiring up to nine inches of clearance. The bottom of the door slides along a guide rail, without the use of rollers, and you’ll need to decide if you want a hidden or visible guide rail.

Miami interior doors look sleek and stylish when the guide rail hides below the floor surface and prevents people from tripping over the guide.

A standard U-guide rail features a front and back L-guide, and is visible, while the standard L-guide fits on the floor, and is invisible. Installing a wall-mount guide eliminates the hassle of mounting the rail into the floor, and the wall-mount roller or channel guide features small rollers to maneuver the door, while the stay roller guide attaches to the wall with an adjustable roller system.

Types of Sliding Barn Doors

How to Choose and Install a Sliding Barn Door - Interior Door Miami

How to Choose and Install a Sliding Barn Door – Interior Door Miami

When purchasing your barn sliding door, you can choose from fully constructed doors or pre-hung doors that save you time in perpetration and fitment. Pre-hung doors come with all the hardware and fittings attached, all you need to do is drill the holes for the bolts and fit the door, along with the guide rail.

Fully built doors are ready to hang, but they don’t feature any hardware attached, and a kitted barn door is your cheapest option. The kitted door comes disassembled and often features no warranty because the supplier does not assemble it.

Installing Your Sliding Barn Door

Installing your new slinging barn door is a simple process; all you need to do is gather your materials and tools, buy some hardware and paint – then get to work on your installation.

Locate the studs to install the upper track, and fit the rail using a spirit level.

Drill the holes for the track, fit spacers between the wall and the rail, and then install and tighten the bolts.

Fit the bottom guide according to the manufacturer guidelines for fitting that type of guide rail.

Lay the door on a table and fit the rollers and other hardware on the top of the door.

Slide the rollers onto the track and slide the door onto the guide rail before installing a track stop at either end.

If you have no experience in handyman work, then its best to hire a professional fitment service to install the best interior doors Miami has to offer. Make sure you work with licensed, experienced professionals that have a solid reputation in the industry.

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