Four Tips for the Perfect Walk-in Closet

Four Tips for the Perfect Walk-in Closet - Miami Walk-in Closet

Four Tips for the Perfect Walk-in Closet - Miami Walk-in Closet

Curating the perfect walk-in closet is a satisfying experience. There’s something magical about walking into a customized space that displays hand-picked garments, meticulously and stylishly arranged in contrasting colors, each with their own special place. Walk-in closets in Miami are a standard feature for many homes, but what makes the fashionable difference is what the closet contains and its presentation.

In today’s online retail environment, it’s easy to get inundated with the sheer amount of choices of clothing available. Thousands of niche, online boutiques feature millions of garments to suit any style. Developing a savvy fashion sense requires the understanding of a few fundamentals of fashion strategy. Here are four tips for developing a fashion strategy and the perfect curated walk-in closet that suits your personality and style.

Tip 1: Avoid Sales Items

Some of us can’t resist the temptation of a bargain. Unfortunately, it often leads to a compromise between price and satisfying our desires. Don’t be a shopper that chooses the price tag over style and function in your garments. Post-purchase dissonance on sale items is far greater than with a more expensive purchase that you really want.

Sale items are usually out-of-season garments or designs that never caught onto fashion trends. Clothing made from fine materials, designed by top-quality brands, rarely go on sale. Before you check out with six sale items, with their most appealing point being their price tag, think about buying just one piece that you really want instead.

Tip 2: You Can’t Have It All

Four Tips for the Perfect Walk-in Closet

Four Tips for the Perfect Walk-in Closet

The key to curating the best Miami walk-in closets is understanding your individual style. Do you know what colors suit your complexion? Do your clothes accentuate the color of your hair and eyes? Understanding what works for you and what doesn’t is a fundamental aspect of fashion sense that comes with trial and error.

Take some time to study the basics of fashion. Learn about the difference between neutral and accent colors, and how they work with each other. That green skirt may look great on you, but that green blouse may clash with your hair or complexion.

Tip 3: Choose Quality Over Price

Price per wear over price per garment, that’s how you should approach curating your walk-in closet. Top quality clothes made with beautiful materials are designed to last. Avoid purchasing cheaper items made from inferior materials with poor construction.

Look for natural materials like cotton and wool and steer clear of synthetic fibers. Examine

the stitching and fabric before you check out with your purchase. That expensive pair of jeans you like might be $100 more than the cheaper sale item, but the premium priced pair will last ten times longer.

Tip 4: Work with Professionals

Miami Walk-in Closet - Four Tips for the Perfect Walk-in Closet

Miami Walk-in Closet – Four Tips for the Perfect Walk-in Closet

If you struggle with selecting your garments or understanding your individual style, consider working with a professional stylist. An experts eye will help you learn the basics of fashion and start you on the right track for designing your curated closet.

Use a Miami home design expert to design your walk-in closet space. Plan out your cabinets, drawers, and shelves with a brief sketch. A design expert will make your dreams of the perfectly curated closet manifest into reality.

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