Do Your Doorknobs Need to Match?

Do Your Doorknobs Need to Match - Fort Lauderdale Interior Doors

Do Your Doorknobs Need to Match - Fort Lauderdale Interior DoorsDo your doorknobs need to match? It’s such a simple question when it comes to style, but it’s something very few people think of to ask. Here’s more about why you might need to consider replacing doorknobs in your home, and how much of a difference it can make to your home’s overall style and feeling.

Take a Closer Look

Many interior doors in Fort Lauderdale are beautiful, original antiques that come with the house you have purchased or leased, but over time plenty of these original pieces have had their screws, hinges, and doorknobs replaced with newer parts.

Do the doorknobs in your house match? If not, you could have a beautiful antique hiding behind mismatching doorknobs – and it could be worth it sourcing vintage-looking doorknobs that will better suit the style.

Most people don’t realize their doorknobs don’t match until someone tells them to look. The same is true with many other small, cosmetic flaws your house might have.

It’s a Matter of Style

Plenty of Fort Lauderdale interior doors have had their doorknobs replaced over time – this can sometimes happen if the piece is an antique, but can also just happen because of normal wear and tear, or lower quality doorknobs installed in the first place.

If you want your home to match to a certain, elegant style, then a good place to start is by fixing up the small things – things like the doorknobs.

Should You Childproof?

If you are an expecting parent, the first thing you should think of is whether you should childproof your doorknobs at the same time – there are plenty of small, affordable gadgets available which make doorknobs harder for small children to tamper with.

If you have visiting family or friends with smaller children, like grandchildren, then you should also consider childproofing the most important doors in your home – just in case.

Reasons to Replace Your Doorknobs

Fort Lauderdale Interior Doors - Do Your Doorknobs Need to Match

Fort Lauderdale Interior Doors – Do Your Doorknobs Need to Match

If you have recently moved into a new home, then it might give you a reason to do some small repairs in and around the home. Some of these repairs might include plumbing fixes, repainting in spots – and replacing the doorknobs.

If you’re not inclined to take on your own DIY, then a Fort Lauderdale home repair company should be able to help you out: Contact one for a quote and tell them what you need to be done. It costs less than you might think!

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