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Different Interior Door Styles - Miami Interior Door Installation - Interior Doors

Different Interior Door Styles - Miami Interior Door InstallationInterior doors in Miami play an important role in a home’s aesthetics. In fact, an interior door is likely more important than you may think, as they add style and architectural detail to a home. Doors are something that are used every day and create a tactile experience that can create an impression. For example, closing a door made from solid wood is different than closing a door that is made from synthetic materials.

When it comes to interior door styles, it is important to make sure that you match the aesthetic of the home. Here are some of the different interior door styles to consider for your Miami home.

Panel Doors

Panel doors range from single large panels to 8 or more smaller panels. Patterns can include decorative finishes and rounded tops. There are also panel doors that have glass inserts that provide a bit of extra glamour.

Flush Doors

If you are looking for a clean, classic option for your house, a flush door is the way to go. These doors are completely flat and will line up directly with the walls of the home. There are many different designs and colors for this type of door available.

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are hinged together and then fold into each other. This type of door is hung from a track. This is the type of door that is often found on closets, in laundry rooms, and for pantries. A bifold door is best for a small space or in an area where a full swinging door will not work as well.

French Doors

For a dramatic touch to any entryway, french doors are the best option. French doors are two hinged doors that are mounted on each side of the opening and swing towards each other. This type of interior door is great for an area of the home that needs to be displayed such as a home office, music room, a master bedroom, etc.

Sliding Doors and Pocket Doors

Sliding doors are typically used for entries to a deck or other outdoor space. Pocket doors are an older style of door that slide into the wall. These doors are great for small spaces where you cannot open and shut a door easily.

Miami Interior Door Installation - Different Interior Door Styles

Miami Interior Door Installation – Different Interior Door Styles

Miami Interior Door Installation

When it comes to installing an interior door, it is possible to treat this as a do it yourself project. However, using interior door installers is the best way to make sure that the doors are installed correctly. This is especially true if you are installing any type of pocket door, sliding door, or french doors.

In addition to the type of door that you choose, you also need to think about the material that the door is made from. Interior doors may be made of wood, metal, or other synthetic materials. Each of these materials offers something different and should be carefully considered when choosing interior doors for your home.

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