Design Plans of Custom Closets – Miami Walk-In Closets

Design Plans of Custom Closets - Miami Walk-In Closets

Design Plans of Custom Closets - Miami Walk-In ClosetsCreating a custom closet is a dream for many homeowners. Being able to walk into a room filled with their clothes, all displayed beautifully, rather than having to rummage through drawers and piles is something that appeals to everyone.

But while a custom closet is definitely a great luxury, it’s important to recognize the importance of good closet design. That is to say, not all custom closets are made equal, and if you want to ensure you have the best Miami walk-in closets, you need to plan them correctly. Otherwise, you can end up doing more harm than good!

With that in mind then, here are some tips that will help you create the very best custom closets Miami offers, with great organization, the best look and the most positive impact on your lifestyle.

Seeking Advice

When you go to create your custom closets in Miami, the first thing to do is to speak with closet designers. They will be able to recommend the best design ideas and layout for the space and budget you have available. That said though, the best closet designers in Miami will only advise on these points while keeping you firmly in the ‘driver’s seat’. Their job is to provide you with tips and advice so that your vision becomes a reality. They are not there to tell you that you can’t have the layout you like! We advise you listen to the experts while remembering what it was that you initially imagined.

Some Ideas

Some ideas to consider include:

Mounted tie racks: If you often wear ties, then you’ll no-doubt be aware of just how difficult it can be to grab them when you need them. They tend to live in drawers balled up, or on coat hangers where they will often fall or slide off. That’s why having a mounted tie rack can be the perfect solution.

Miami Walk-In Closets - Design Plans of Custom Closets

Miami Walk-In Closets – Design Plans of Custom Closets

Cubicle organizers: These are great for organizing shoes in particular. You can have a shoe rack, but using cubicles gives you more flexibility to store larger or alternatively shaped shoes and boots, or even other items entirely such as hats. Keeping shoes off the floor is a good way to keep it clean and tidy.

His and Hers: If you are sharing your custom closet with your other half, then you should consider dividing it in some way between ‘his’ space and ‘her’ space. That way, you won’t get on each-others’ nerves and you won’t find yourself having to disrupt their items in order to find your own.

Lighting: Having lighting in your closet is important and a great way to handle this is to have a light that comes on automatically when the door opens. If you wake at a different time from your partner, then think about how you can light up the space to find what you’re looking for without disturbing them.


Finally, make sure you shop around for ideas and inspiration. Take a look at friends’ Miami walk-in closets and ask for any pointers. Browse Pinterest. And ask your closet designers for their own portfolios and tips.

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