5 Closet Storage Ideas to Save You Space

5 Closet Storage Ideas to Save You Space - Miami Closet Organizers

5 Closet Storage Ideas to Save You Space - Miami Closet OrganizersIf you returned home from the mall with your new outfit – and can’t find anywhere to put it in your closet, then it’s time to think about ways to save closet space. With plenty of shopping opportunities ahead for the rest of 2019, you’re going to need that extra space wherever you can find it.

Here are a few creative closet space-saving ideas to help you transform your cluttered closet into a functional storage space.

  1. Make a Shoe Rack with Crown Molding

Are your shoes strewn around your closet or lumped in a disorganized pile in one of the corners? Fortunately, we have the ideal solution for your footwear storage problems.

Crown molding makes the perfect hack for hanging your shoes on the back of your closet door or the rear wall. Slip your footwear into the individual pockets and keep them off of the floor and organized.

  1. Smart Storage

Does your closet look like a bomb hit it? If it takes you half an hour to find an outfit that isn’t crumpled, then you need some serious Miami closet organizers to maintain a tidy closet.

We recommend you sort your garments into a three-tiered system where you store your most frequently worn clothes on the middle shelves, the lesser-worn items on the bottom shelves, and the clothes you seldom wear on the top shelves.

This system allows you easy access to your favorite garments, avoiding spending hours trying to sift through a pile of clothes on each shelf.

  1. Dress Up Your Door

The back of your closet door offers unused space. While we’ve already given you one idea for a customizable shoe-rack, you can also use the door for a belt rack or to hang your scarves and handbags. Keep your laundry out of the way by hanging your laundry bag on the back of your closet door.

  1. Change the Door

The best closet organizers in Miami recommend that you swap out your traditional interior door for a sliding barn door. This strategy allows you to improve the space in your closet by getting rid of the area you need to swing the door open, letting you hang things on the wall where the door would typically take up space.

  1. Multi-Purpose Organizers
5 Closet Storage Ideas to Save You Space - Miami Closet Organizer

5 Closet Storage Ideas to Save You Space – Miami Closet Organizer

There are various types of closet organizers available to help you save space in your closet.

Toss out the bulky shoe racks and replace them with a wall-mounted wine rack that allows you to store your shoes in individual compartments off of the floor and out of the way. Hang rails from the ceiling of the closet to store your ties, scarves, and belts.

Think outside of the box when creating space-saving storage ideas, and you’ll find that there’s a lot more room in your closet than you thought.

Wrapping Up – The Final Word

Try a few of these space-saving ideas to free up room in your closet. If you can’t seem to find any additional space, consider hiring a consultant to assess your closet space for a remodel.

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