Choosing Between Levers or Door Knobs

Choosing Between Levers or Door Knobs - Miami Interior Doors

Choosing Between Levers or Door Knobs - Miami Interior DoorsDoors are much more than the entrance to your home. They’re a gateway into your individualist style of interior design. Selecting the best interior doors in Miami is just the starting point.

Your choice of fixtures amplifies the style of your door. It’s the final point of engagement between entering and exiting a room. When you or your guests turn a knob or press a lever, it cues a subconscious response of what to expect as they enter the living space that lies behind the door.

Discussing Door Levers

Door levers aren’t a new technology; they’ve been around for centuries. However, design and engineering dramatically advanced over the last few hundred years, giving rise to innovation. A doors lever opens with a light touch, and close with a silent click.

Available in a wide range of materials, designs, and finishes, door levers suit any room in the house, from the bathroom to front entrances. From brushed aluminum to forged copper or brass, there’s something to suit the style of your home.

Pros of Door Levers

Have you ever had your hands full with bags of groceries and used an elbow to press down on a door lever? This kind of dexterity and convenience makes door levers an ideal choice for kitchen doors, lounge entrance’s, or patios.

The primary design principle of door levers makes them an excellent choice for doors that don’t have a deep lock casing. Even the narrowest lock cases won’t catch your knuckles on the frame while depressing the lever.

Door levers have high functionality due to the wide variety of back plates on offer. From long backplates to round noses, door levers suit any application where space is a concern, such as glazed doors. An extended backplate for a bathroom turn or lock set keyhole provides added functionality without the necessity to buy these items separately.

Cons of Door Levers

Door levers are a modern design element, and they don’t suit classic-style or Victorian-period homes. If aesthetics is a primary concern for you, fitting doors levers to older-period doors may detract from the visual appeal of the interior design of your home.

Levers also catch loose clothing while entering and exiting a room, so if your door usually remains open, it’s probably not the best option. Handles require minor maintenance to the springs holding the levers in position. When springs fail, the handle looks awkward as it drops below horizontal. In this situation, you’ll want to hire an interior door installer in Miami to service the springs.

Discussing Door Knobs

Door knobs are a classic design that’s been around as long as doors themselves. Whether you own a home with contemporary design or classic architecture, there’s a doorknob to suit. From cut-glass to reeded brass, match your doorknobs to your furniture and fixtures.

Pros of Door Knobs

Choosing Between Levers or Door Knobs - Miami Interior Doors Installer

Choosing Between Levers or Door Knobs – Miami Interior Doors Installer

Doorknobs are multidirectional, fit their unlatching mechanism to operate in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction to suit the configuration of your door. Tailored spindles fix knobs for use on cupboard doors and sliding doors where they don’t need to turn.

Older homes suit knobs as they typically use surface-mounted rim locks, ideal for door knobs. For added leverage and grip, choose an egg-shape or oval knob over the traditional round shape.

Cons of Doorknobs

Doorknobs lack the grip and comfort of levers, so they don’t suit children or seniors that have weak wrists. Knobs require setting back into the door to prevent you and your guests from grazing their knuckles on the frame. Knobs aren’t ideal for external doors that require a security component, such as your front door.

Wrapping Up – Seek Assistance with Your Selection

Door levers or door knobs, what’s the best choice for your home? Speak to our Miami interior doors specialist and ask their advice. Our qualified installer will visit your home and give you the help you need to make an informed purchase decision.

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